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Tongues of fire

With blazing tongues of fire

Holy Spirit, your name is higher

When times grow dark, and we think we have no hope, you provide a spark

Your love surrounds me and gives my heart desire, to follow you and lift your name higher!

With blazing tongues of fire,Holy Spirit

Your name is higher

You provide a comfort on a cold dark night, and when I need it most, you shine your holy light

Holy Spirit, I feel that when you’re near

There is no need for anger, of for fear

You love us just the same

Despite all our guilt and our shame, you love us just the same! We desire to please you , Father. You send us your love, from above. We care too much about what society says. We don’t remember what you are the One that says “I love you, despite of you are” The past, the pain, and the people pleasing doesn’t mean a thing to you. Your gifts are free. We just have to choose♥️♥️


This is the journey.

It’s your unique story.

There are so many people, places

and experiences that will form your time here.

You will get scraped, bruised, and tumbleweeds will trip you up.

But, in those moments, an unexpected wind will blow.

It will cool your head, and give you relief. It will restore your belief

Running after you

Running after you

Tired of failing, doing things my own way. I need help at the end of the day .

I have decided to run after you.

Your ways are perfect. I know it’s true

Life begins to feel like it’s a mess.

It’s full of challenges, full of stress.

I’ve decided to run after you.

Your ways are perfect. I know it’s true

I’m mired in all my sin. I want a major change, but I don’t know where to begin. Imagine how much can improve if we decide to run after you. Your ways are perfect. I know it’s true.


Every day, I will hold you in my arms

Every day I will keep you safe from harm

Every day I want to look into your eyes

Because every day, you are my prize.

Every day my love grows deep

And every day, your love, I want to keep

Every day your love provides my grace

Every day you provide me a warm safe place

Every day, you know my love grows

And every day I want to let you know

Every day you are my earth

And every day I want to prove my worth.

Man of mystery

What words would you use to describe me? I’m a man of mystery.

I have so many pieces, I’m like a Rubik’s cube. I’m so varied, and random, I’m like YouTube.

I’m a fan of all things Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and Firefly. Yet, I also love romantic movies that make me cry!

I am a super fan of Cowboys, Rangers, Stars, and Mavs. I’m growing into a fan of the Rockies, Nuggets and the Avs.

I love the Lord, yet I fall every day. I’m stubborn, and try to do things my own way. I’m an heir to a King. I owe Him everything. Someday I’ll get to see Him face to face, and get to say Thank You for his grace.

Father, son, brother, nephew, uncle, cousin and friend. Those close to my heart, I will love y’all to the end. All these things are true, and they are a part of me, but there is so much more to me. I’m a man of mystery!!

Each and every day

The majesty of a King

Creator of everything

You don’t just rule from up above

You pursue us, an example of your love

It’s in our nature to do things our way

We are weak, and we’re apt to stray

You’re patient, and call us back to you

You gently remind us that your ways are true

Like that one stray sheep, for me you leave the ninety nine

You come and find me every time

Father, I love you. There’s nothing else to say

I strive to to know more of you, each and every day