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Lead me to the mountain 

When my life is going wrong And all of my strength is gone, I cling to you, because you are strong. 
You lead me to the mountain top, as you see me through. You have promised to be our stronghold, and your words are true.
You know my struggles, even before I do, and you wait, as a Father, for me to turn to you. I have tried things my own way, and now I see I’m through. 
You demonstrate your love for us. You sent your precious Son. All we have to do is just trust

Texarkana bound 

Everything I own is in the back of a Uhaul van. I’m just sitting here wondering how to start all over again. She found love with my best friend, so tonight, I am Texarkana bound.
Texarkana bound, just trying to turn my life around. Texarkana bound, looking for that big rebound. So, tonight, I am Texarkana bound. 
As I pull into that City, those lights aren’t too pretty, to this big city guy. And as I pull into that hotel parking lot, I just hang my head down, as I start to cry. How the Hell did my life get to be such a mess, and how do I live the rest, when I’m Texarkana bound?

You step in

When all the little things begin to add , one on top of the other. I begin to freak out, thinking I have to do all of this at once. I think the burden is mine alone to bare.

You step in, to remind me , that your love is sufficient You step in, to calm my rears, and dry my tears. You step in, and my heart rate slows.


Your family is not necessarily those who are bound by blood. It’s the ones that you trust, who you run to, and the ones you truly love. 

It’s the ones you run to when you’re world is crashing all around 

It’s the ones you can count on to make you laugh, or take you out for a much needed night out on the town. 

I’m lucky to have the family that I do. I have such a huge safety net. But through my life, my Church, and work, my family has expanded larger yet!!

I wish that blessing on each and every one, that when your world is upside down, you have somewhere to run

Life is not for the faint of heart

Life is not for the faint of heart. It may not always be the loveliest work of art

You’re guaranteed to go through pain

You will get knocked on your ass a time or two. But with family, friends and faith by your side, you’ll be able to get back up again.

Life and love are not always fair, and heartache, and loss you’ll see your fair share. But laughter, and love, and grace can also make it pretty genuine and rare.
To all my amazing friends, and family who make those sunrises beautiful, and make my life a crazy, wonderful mess!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

What do you see?

Do you avoid eye contact, as you’re walking down the street? Her hair is matted, her clothes are tattered, and she’s got no shoes on her feet. Her eyes automatically go down, to hide the shame. For different reasons, your eyes do the same. 

What if you got to know her story? What led her to this place? Would we feel just the same?
You see a crazy guy, muttering to himself. Dirty beard, faded tattoos, and more than a few missing teeth. You hurry by, hoping not to see, and not wanting to know how he came to be. 
Just remember, they just might be a servant, and an heir to a king. Next time you see someone who you want to avoid, take a moment to look a little closer. Don’t assume they’re looking to get drunk, or get high. Their life is in shambles, and maybe, just maybe, they’re looking to get by

Back to the basics 

What ever happened to the things we learned, way back, when we were kids

Way back when we were in school?

Like saying please, thank you, and living by the golden rule. 
What happened to going outside, riding bikes, climbing trees, and playing with your best friend? Instead of turning on a video game, what happened to reading a book? 

Do we still say grace at dinner?When we play a game, are we gracious winners?

I remember sitting in front of the tv, watching Saturday morning cartoons, and eating cereal. We used to build with LEGO for hours, go outside and build forts, and explore. 

I’m not saying, it was perfect, we still had a problem, here or there. But in the world gone mad, filled with cynicism and me first attitude, is there something wrong with getting back to the basics?