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Bring me back to you

Bring me back to the path that leads me to you.

As I get overwhelmed by all I have to do

I lose sight of your love that’s true

I’m sorry I forgot what you wanna do

I try and do it all on my own

Answer the email, tweet, post on Facebook or Instagram. Sometimes there is no escape from my phone.

I’m so overwhelmed and overcommitted and over caffeinated I can forget to breathe. I spread myself too thin. There’s so much to do, I have no clue as to where to begin

Lord, I pray that I can quiet my mind, and remember to re-engage with you.

Bring me back to you

As I get overwhelmed by all I have to do

I lose sight of your love that’s true

Next to you

As I lie here next to you

I know this much is true

You came into my life to show me the way

So please, darling, stay.

When I met you, my life was sinking sand

I took your hand and you led me to solid land.

What did I do to deserve your love?

I don’t know if I could ever do enough.

You are my muse, my love, and my guide.

I need you my love by my side.

I don’t know much to be true

But I do know that I love you!


Looking at old photographs

Swimming in the seas of past


I see your smile and the love that was in your eyes

That was before the break, before the end, and before the lies.

Looking at old photographs

Why do we torture ourselves

Looking at old photographs

A netter life frozen in time

Looking back, remembering all the things we did and said.

Looking at old photographs thinking about what went wrong, and the choices that we made. Feeling nostalgic even for the games we played.

Well, photographs fade, and memories do too

But looking at old photographs

I will always love you.

Fertile Ground

As you look across the landscape

All you can see is weeds, and rocks, and decay.

But God looks and sees the possibility and potential for the beauty. He wants to clear and till and revive the soil of your life!!

You are fertile ground

So much potential for growth

You are fertile ground

How much you can accomplish, you’ll never even know

You are fertile ground

So much love and beauty ready for you to show

He clears the soul, removes the rot, and kills the weeds that choke the good. He prepares you for the harvest, though it may not happen right away.

He prunes you’re branches, and tosses the dead ones in the fire. The new harvest will bloom, as the old one withers and dies

His love has set me free

His love has set me free

As my savior hung from a tree

Held by three nine inch nails

As he drew His last breath, He loved me

My sin, and my pride held Him in place

As His blood and tears poured down His face. Soldiers cast lots and tore His clothes. He was mocked, heckled, and spit upon. He cried out as he drew His final breath “It is finished “

The ground began to quake, and the great vail was torn. In that moment, my sin was forever cleansed, and my eternal life was born.